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Our alumni have gone on to have exciting careers in film and media production and studies, including positions such as:

  • Assistant to the Producer (Color Force Productions)
  • Research Analyst for Innovation (Walt Disney parks and Resorts Digital)
  • Production Coordinator (Trailer Park Inc.)
  • Stuntman (Cast It Talent)
  • Video Producer/Manager (Michigan Creative)
  • Production Intern (Conan)
  • Project Manger (Girl Scouts Heart of Mid-Michigan)
  • Videographer (Michigan AFL-CIO)
  • Programming Lead (Entertainment Tonight)

More specific examples are below. Also, if you are a graduate of the Film Studies Program, Tell us where you are, what you do, and which films you are watching, making, or writing about!


Joshua Yumibe, Director of Film Studiesyumibe@msu.edu

Film & Media Production

Anthony Holden, '15

Film Studies Major 

Holden.jpg"I’ve always been a storyteller. In my “Film Directing” course, writing the outline of my film shorts captivated me more than visualizing them with the camera. The turning point came in my “Advanced Screenwriting” course where I worked on a 90-minute thriller. This intensive and incredibly helpful workshop helped me realize what I wanted to do with my storytelling. The professors’ advice and guidance helped me to reach the course I’m on now—to become a great writer."

Laura A. Aughton, '13

English Film Studies Senior  

Aughton.jpg"This summer of 2011, I worked as an intern (primarily with the Broadcast Production Team) at an ad agency in Detroit called Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. While I was there, I got to know the ins-and-outs of commercial production: I was able to sit in on recording sessions with the talent, editing sessions at post-houses, and was also involved in some various pre-and-post production paperwork. I even got to write some copy on occasion. 

The various things I've learned via my education at MSU within the departments of English (Film Studies), Theatre, and Media Arts and Technology were unimaginably helpful within the working world. I found that having previous knowledge of the filmmaking process, how to write well, and how to work with actors put me in an excellent position while working with the producers. I knew how to make myself useful on set, how to do my work quickly and efficiently in the office, and how to communicate my ideas (and understand the ideas of others). Additionally, there were tons of MSU alums at the agency, and they were thrilled to welcome another Spartan into their ranks; looks like going to MSU has paid off for them, as well. Go Green!"

Greg Capoccia, '11 

English Film Studies Concentration, Fiction Film Specialization

Greg Capoccia was the producer of American Terrorist, the film created by the class of 2011 Fiction Film Specialization cohort. While in the program, Greg worked on several films being produced in Michigan as an intern or assistant, including The Ides of MarchMachine Gun Preacher, and Red Dawn. After graduating, Greg went on to work for Nina Jacobson's Color Force Productions, producer of the Hunger Games films. Greg recently was involved in selecting Logan Pederson, a 2013 film/RCAH student, for an internship at Color Force Productions. Logan was recommended to the highly selective Los Angeles internship by Professor Jeff Wray.

 Curtis Matzke, '10

English Film Studies Minor


"A thorough understanding of film theory and film criticism is essential for filmmakers during a production. A good director or director of photography understands that a film is constantly changing as its being made, so knowing the language of film and being able to communicate the reason behind these changes, whether it be to the actors or the crew, is just as essential as technological know-how behind the camera. 

In the case of American Terrorist, the director and I would constantly be analyzing the meaning of a scene, just as we would in a film studies course, in order to decide what we want the scene convey and how it might be perceived by the audience. This continuing analysis and critical thinking is what keeps the storytelling alive when actually making a film."

Geoff Johns, '95

Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, Burbank, California

Geoff Johns has written several high-profile comic books for DC as well as co-producing last years Green Lantern film. In his recent profile in MSU Alumni Magazine, here's what he had to say about Film Studies Professor Bill Vincent:

"Bill Vincent was a massive influence. He opened the door to story-telling in a way I had never thought about. I took his course on the movies of Hitchcock to Fellini, on screenwriting, and after that I took every course I could take from him."

More in the Winter 2012 MSU Alumni Magazine.


Graduate School Placement


Josh Guilford (Brown University, Modern Culture and Media)


Josh received a Ph.D. in Modern Culture and Media, where he wrote a dissertation on the “redemption of human interiority” in the work of a mid-20th century filmmaking subculture known as the New American Cinema.

Chris Goetz (UC Berkeley, Film and Media)

Goetz.jpgChris is a PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley, where he works in the Film & Media and New Media departments. Chris’ dissertation looks at video games through the lens of fantasy. His article “Tether and Accretions: Fantasy as Form in Video Games,” appeared in the journal Games and Culture.


Evan Elkins (UW, Madison, Media and Cultural Studies)

evan_elkins.jpgCurrently a doctoral candidate of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Evan's broad research interests are cultural studies of media industries, digital media technologies, and media globalization. His dissertation offers a critical-cultural analysis of regional restrictions in digital media across the film, television, video games, and music industries (e.g., DVD region codes, geoblocking).
"At Michigan State, my film studies education offered a perfect balance of breadth and depth. I was exposed to rich pockets of cinematic history and culture spanning the globe. At the same time, the program encouraged me to drill deep into the poetics and politics of particular films, filmmakers, genres, and movements. I'll be forever grateful to the Film Studies program for setting me on my life's path and cultivating an adeptness--and a love--for thinking seriously about film, art, and popular culture."

Carter Moulton (Northwestern University, Screen Cultures)

carter.jpgCarter Moulton is currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand and will pursue a PhD in Screen Cultures at Northwestern University in Fall 2016. He received his master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he researched movie audiences, cinemagoing, silent cinema, and emerging technologies in film production, distribution, and exhibition. His work has appeared in CineActionThe New Review of Film & Television Studies, and Media Fields Journal.