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Ph.D. Cross-Field Area of Inquiry
Film, Visual Culture, and Digital Media

For doctoral candidates in the Department of English Graduate Program.

The Film, Visual Culture, and Digital Media area of inquiry encourages students to examine how the history of cinema and the visual arts inform the screen and literary cultures of the digital present. Animated by cross-disciplinary work and covering a range of media—including cinema, photography, architecture, graphic and digital media, and literature—research in this cluster foregrounds relationships between digital media cultures and the histories of cinema and the visual arts. In particular, we explore how our image archives may help us construct media archaeologies responsive to the art and politics of the contemporary moment. Faculty and students examine the relations between vision, embodiment, and modern subjectivity; concepts of realism, mimesis, and documentary; and the role of race, class, gender and sexuality in cultures of the moving image. Research also considers the visualization of space, time, movement and cognition in literature and the other arts, and literary forms as they anticipate, build, or respond to changing media ecologies.

For more information, contact:

Justus Nieland, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, nieland@msu.edu