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Fiction Filmmaking Minor 


Students apply for admission into the Fiction Filmmaking cohort in the spring semester of their sophomore year, after completing at least one of the prerequisite courses listed below (both courses will need to be completed prior to or concurrently with FLM/MI 335 in the fall of junior year).

Both of the following courses:

FLM 230  Introduction to Film (4 cr.)
CAS 112 Story, Sound, and Motion (3 cr)
Note: though the course builder says that CAS 112 is only open to CAS students, all students in the minor are allowed to take the class. Request a CAS112 Override here: http://override.cas.msu.edu/index.php


1. The following course (3 cr.):

FLM/MI 335 Film Directing (3 cr.)

2. One of the following courses (3 cr.):

FLM 300 History of Film to Midcentury (3 cr.)
FLM 301 History of Film after Midcentury (3 cr.)
FLM 380 Classical Film and Media Theory (3 cr.)
FLM 381 Contemporary Film and Media Theory (3 cr.)

3. One of the following courses (3-4 cr.):

FLM 260 Introduction to Digital Film and Emergent Media (4 cr.)
FLM 334 Screenwriting (3 cr.)
FLM 336 Aesthetics of Film Editing (3 cr.)
FLM 434 Advanced Screenwriting (3 cr.)
FLM 438 Film Financing, Programming, and Distribution (3 cr.)
FLM 460 Seminar in Digital Film and Emergent Media (3 cr.)

MI 337 Compositing and Special Effects (3 cr.)
MI 341 Film Style Production for Cinema and TV (3 cr.)
MI 344 Sound Design (3 cr.)
MI 348 Cinematography and Advanced Lighting (3 cr.)
MI 351 Producing for Cinema and Television (3 cr.)
MI 352 Advanced Video Editing (3 cr.)

4. Both of the following courses (6 cr.):

FLM/MI 435A Creating the Fiction Film I (3 cr.)
FLM/MI 435B Creating the Fiction Film II (3 cr.)

Please keep in mind that many of the courses listed above have prerequisites that are not listed on the minor slate of courses.