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Film Studies at Michigan State University houses an innovative Bachelors of Arts in Film Studies, as well as a Minor in Film Studies, and two filmmaking Minors in Fiction Filmmaking and in Documentary Production. Our curriculum engages students in the history, theory, and production of world cinema. Classes examine the moving image globally across a range of industrial and artisanal contexts, and encourage students to understand cinema as an art, business, and technology. Learning the craft of filmmaking as well as criticism, students develop the creative and critical skills necessary today in all areas of media art. With this  training, our graduates have gone on to a wide range careers that utilize and depend on the moving image: from film production, digital distribution, and film criticism, to arts management, educational programming, and public affairs work.

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  • Film Collective: RUNNING SCARED
    2016-09-29 19:00:00 2016-09-29 23:59:59 40 Film Collective: RUNNING SCARED

    Screening of Running Scared, directed by Wayne Kramer and presented by Lance Conley.

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  • Film Collective: BEDWIN HACKER
    2016-10-06 19:00:00 2016-10-06 23:59:59 40 Film Collective: BEDWIN HACKER

    Screening of Bedwin Hacker, directed by Nadia El Fani and presented by Prof. Ken Harrow.

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  • Film Collective: OTHELLO
    2016-10-13 19:00:00 2016-10-13 19:00:00 40 Film Collective: OTHELLO

    Screening of Othello, directed by Iqbal Khan and presented by Prof. Jyotsna Singh.

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  • Film Collective: DEAD MAN
    2016-10-20 19:00:00 2016-10-20 19:00:00 40 Film Collective: DEAD MAN

    A travel film and revisionist western, Dead Man tracks the journey of its protagonist William Blake (mistaken along the way for the dead poet) after he leaves Cleveland, Ohio to take up an accountant job in the frontier town of Machine. Things go awry and he must flee further west with a bullet lodged in his chest and a bounty on his head. Accompanied by the incredible guide Exaybachay, aka Nobody, Blake crosses numerous borders: between civilization and the frontier, between white and Native American culture, and finally between life and death. A mesmerizing vision quest from beginning to end, with its chiaroscuro cinematography and reverberating Neil Young score.

    Presented by Prof. Joshua Yumibe

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  • Film Collective: IN MY SKIN
    2016-10-27 19:00:00 2016-10-27 23:59:59 40 Film Collective: IN MY SKIN

    In Marina de Van's provocative debut feature, a young corporate woman becomes increasingly captivated with her own body following a disfiguring accident. This indelible staple of art-horror extremism is indebted to traditions of surrealist cinema, offering a riveting exploration of the border between the mind-body split.

    Presented by Cameron Clark

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  • Bill Mechanic • Hacksaw Ridge
    2016-11-01 13:40:00 2016-11-01 14:50:00 40 Bill Mechanic • Hacksaw Ridge
    We’re very happy to have our alumni Bill Mechanic back to MSU showcasing his latest film, Hacksaw Ridge, which he produced:
    Mechanic graduated from MSU in 1973 with a BA in English, and went on to study at USC, after which he worked for Paramount and Disney before becoming the Chairman and CEO of Fox Film Entertainment in 1994. He left Fox in 2000 to found Pandemonium Films. He’s recently produced films such as Dark Water (2005), The New World (2005), Coraline (2009), and now Hacksaw Ridge (2016).
    Please mark your calendars: Mechanic will be giving a special q&a for students on Tuesday November 1 from 1:40-2:50 in B115 Wells.
    If you attend the q&a, you will be able to get a free pass to the screening of Hacksaw Ridge later in the evening, at 7:30pm at the Wharton.


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